When to Use Some and Any

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The words Some and Any (Quantifiers that can be used with countable and uncountable nouns) are used to state the quantity or amount of something. Usually both ‘some’ and ‘any’ can only be used with plural countable nouns or uncountable nouns, but not usually with singular countable nouns.




  • Some is used in Positive statements (Affirmative). For e.g.:


  • She bought some
  • I want some
  • There are some exercise books on the floor.


  • Some is usually used in Offers.


  • Would you like some coffee?
  • Do you want some chocolates?


  • Some’ can be used in Requests.


  • Could I have some cheese, please?
  • Have you got some funny stickers that I could borrow?


  • Some is used with the plural form of countable nouns and it is also used with uncountable nouns.


  • I have some friends in Bangalore.
  • I need some water to drink.


  • Any is used in negative statements. For e.g.:


  • My brother never ever does any
  • She didn’t buy any potatoes.
  • We haven’t got any


  • Any is usually used in Questions.


  • Is there any milk in the freezer?
  • Have you seen any good films recently?
  • Didn’t she buy any tomatoes?


  • Any is also used with the plural form of countable nouns and it is also used with uncountable nouns.


  • They didn’t sing any
  • There isn’t any water in the fridge.


  • Any can be used in positive sentences having a negative feeling.


  • Neha left the house without any money
  • We hardly watch any television.


  • Some can be used in questions when we expect the answer to be ‘yes’.


  • Would you like some coffee?
  • Could you pass me some ice cubes?
  • Do you want some salad?
  • Any can be used in a positive sentence but the meaning changes .It means in the case where ‘it’s not important which one’. In this way it is most often used with singular countable nouns:


  • You can take any
  • Come over any Wednesday
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