Five Quick steps to handle “STRESS INTERVIEWS”

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A job is desired by everyone in this competitive era. Nowadays, amidst diversity and cut throat competition; a job involves handling pressure, conflict or dealing with difficult people. “Stress interview” is a way of checking if the candidate is likely to cope-up with the pressure faced in the job. It enables the employer to see their conflict management skills at first-hand by employing tactics such as:

  • Unnerving you
  • Asking irrelevant questions
  • Ignoring you while you are speaking
  • Interrupting
  • Making negative personal comments

So how can one make the interview more worthy in this kind of a stress-full situation?

We need to remember that there are other jobs outside.  The stress of really wanting this particular job can help us approach the interview with as much energy as possible. We just have to remind ourselves to use this stress effectively — remember the fact "you want this job."

So here are quick tips that would help you to diffuse the stress bomb.


It is important to be prepared for this unusual and important interaction. It is easy to intimidate someone who has not done his homework .So make sure you have researched the details thoroughly about the company profile, product and market competitors. In addition to this,

Introspection is an essential tool .Know your strengths and weaknesses and learn to deal effectively with them. With essential practices these expected interactions, the stress level will be manageable.

Dis-associate yourself at the personal level:  The interviewer tries to judge your patience by asking irrelevant questions whether you will stay calm under pressure or succumb. Treat this as a game, where you win if you can retain your self-control despite provocation. Don’t take the negative comments personally.

Body Language:  The interviewer may use various tools and poor body language to make you project a defensive side of inner self.  Try to be calm, breath slowly, slow down the speed of your talking, and your gestures. These measures should help you to appear calm. Also, be aware that Eye contact is a body language that reflects a positivity and enhances confidence.

Take your time and Be Assertive:  The interviewer may be deliberately confusing you and hurrying you for an answer.  Buy yourself more thinking time by repeating the question back to make sure you’ve comprehended the question well.

If the comments get too personal then it is important to show your assertiveness and disagreement with the concerned in a polite manner.

End Positively: Show your resilience by managing a positive ending e.g. “Well it’s been an exceptionally tough interview, but I know that I can do a great job for you given the opportunity”.  

In this way use the stress effectively and get the job you want.

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Published on Sept. 10, 2019 by EnglishMate
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