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English acts as the lingua franca across the globe which shows that the language has helped the world achieve unity in diversity.

English has contributed greatly in building better communication among countries. As per some estimates, almost 80 percent of English speakers in the world are non-native speakers. The language, undoubtedly, also plays a major role in many sectors including the sectors of medicine, engineering, and education.

Learning English is not so difficult. Starting from the simpler short stories in English to reading popular novels by some of the great authors can really help you in a great way to gain a command over the language.

Apart from this, watching Hollywood movies with subtitles and listening to songs also helps you in achieving an understanding of English.

Nowadays, a number of advertisements in print and electronic media claim to make you proficient in English in few weeks or even in few days. A number of guides and books are also available in the market and purchased by many people who desire to learn the language.

English Speaking institutes and books claiming to make you proficient in the language have always made me wonder how they make it happen because a good command over any language can never be achieved until and unless you try speaking it or listening to more of it.

There is no denying the fact that all the difference lies in the technique or criterion used by English speaking institutes in making you learn the language.

There are a number of English Speaking institutes in Delhi which focus on improving your English communication skills and making you a confident and smarter individual. Whether you want to advance higher in your education or want to crack the much awaited job interview or wish to enjoy a social gathering amongst friends or want to travel abroad, some of the renowned English speaking institutes develop your overall personality and make you feel confident by improving your English.

Why EnglishMate?

1)   Firstly, EnglishMate pushes you to speak the language, as the basic learning of the language comes from speaking.

2)   Secondly, EnglishMate’s experienced and trained faculty assists you at every step.

3)    Thirdly, it leverages technology aided learning to help you get a better command over the language and,

4)   Lastly, but not the least, EnglishMate takes help of role plays, games, exercises, and real-life situations to help you get hands-on with the language.

Published on Sept. 16, 2016 by EnglishMate
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