Acing Job Interviews

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1. Start with knowing who you are and what you want. The easiest of all job interview questions — “tell me about yourself.” By articulating a concise response to this question, you’ll be — and more importantly appear — more confident.

2. Gather work samples. The time and effort of reviewing your work samples and accomplishments lays an excellent foundation for composing responses to typical interview questions.

3. Develop stories that demonstrate excellence. No matter the type of interview you might face, with a collection of stories that demonstrate your passion, expertise, and accomplishments, you’ll be ready.

4. Ask what to expect when you’re invited for the interview. Information is a key to your success, and knowing the type of interview to expect — and who will be conducting the interview — is crucial to your success.

5. Use your network to learn more about employer, open position. See if any of your network contacts — works for your prospective employer.

6. Conduct interview prep and practice. Write out responses to typical interview questions, making certain to provide enough detail to properly answer the questions.

7. Take your interviewing skills for a tryout. If this interview is your first in a while or just a really big one for you — take your interview prep to the next level by working with a friend or career expert and conducting a mock interview.

8. Dress for success. Appearance does matter. Your goal is to look the part of someone who already works at the employer’s workplace.

7. Bring extra copies of your resume to the interview. You never know when the hiring manager might misplace your resume. Taking along a few extra copies of your resume is a simple, but smart idea.

8. Plan to arrive a bit early to interview. Arriving 10-15 minutes before your interview — avoid being any earlier.

9. Greet everyone you meet with respect — and a smile. When you’re interviewing, everyone you speak with matters — from the receptionist to the assistant to the hiring manger… everyone.

10. Shine from the very beginning of the interview. Making a great first impression begins with a firm handshake, smile, and eye contact. It’s important to show your enthusiasm and confidence in the interview.

11. Excel in the job interview. This is the moment when all your preparation pays off. Using positive non-verbal (good posture, eye contact, smile, strong speaking voice) and solid responses should help propel you through the interview successfully. Remember to stay calm — even if thrown by an unexpected question.

12. Close the interview strongly. Always close the interview with a thank-you and a request for information about the next step in the process.

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