10 quick ways to improve your spoken English that nobody told you

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If you are planning to start to learn English, but are confused about how to go about it, don’t worry we will help you make it easier for you. Let’s talk about 10 quick ways to learn English.

1. Lexical Resource

Starting to learn any language requires you to be familiar with the basic words to start with. Oxford says, one can start with basic 500 words or more than that. Knowing the spellings, meaning, pronunciation and use of those words will help you get into the target language.

2. Listening the language

As listening precedes speaking so one should focus more on listening than worrying about speaking, listening to English songs, watching English movies or English news can help you develop taste for English language. Listening will also help you get your sounds right which will help you in speaking.

3. Start with short and simple sentences

Most of the learners don’t know as to what type of sentences they should start with. Ideally one should start with simple sentences rather that complex ones. For beginner students it is not easy to utter long sentences where number of words are many.

4. Listen and repeat

Nothing helps better than listening practice and while listening make sure you repeat words, phrases and sentences to get the feel of the words. Practicing the sounds of English will also help a lot.

5. Read loudly

There are different types of reading but loud reading helps you improve your pronunciation. It helps you listen to pronunciation of certain words. It also helps in visual memory of words and ability to see images in your mind and spell it right.

6. Learn words in word family to enhance your vocabulary

A word family is a group of words that shares a common base to which different prefixes and suffixes are added. For example, members of word family based on the headword, base, stem, or root word beauty include beauty, beautiful, beautifully, beautician, beautify, among others. Learning words in word family is easier than learning words in isolation. Similar words are called Paronyms.

7. Get your basics of English right

Basics and fundamentals of any topic are the most important things one should focus on. Looking for instant gratification and giving into the temptation, particularly for beginners, to learn the flashy, fancy or difficult techniques of any art. No doubt one has a desire to excel in what one wants to do, but getting the basics right will help one get a good start

8. Think fast to speak fast

Experts are of the opinion that thinking faster while speaking will help you get used to having words, phrases and sentences smoothly. It also helps you keep a number of options of diction ready to choose from. Though our rate of speech or pace of speech should be under control, as it has nothing to do about fast talking.

9. Overcome the fear of making mistakes

The mere thought of making mistakes and becoming a laughing stock for others is something that might break the dreams of learners. One should start small, especially if you are not comfortable to speak. One should also practice and prepare oneself thoroughly to speak. It is not suggested to memorize your sentences and start with simple sentences. And the easiest trick is to ‘fake it till you make it.’

10. Make it a habit to speak

Most of the times, it is our habit that helps the most. You might have decided to embark on the journey of learning English, but may not have this habit of using English in your day to day conversation. Generally students wait for that day when they will be able to speak English fluently without making any grammatical errors.

The initial hitches in the process of learning English may be because of certain confusion. Having the right approach and guidance will sort our all problems related to learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

This article has been written by expert faculty at Englishmate, a Hindustan Times venture. Englishmate helps learners to improve their communication skills by providing Cambridge certified English speaking courses.

Published on Aug. 8, 2019 by EnglishMate
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