1. Expert & Trained Faculty

Every teacher at Englishmate is trained and certified on the Englishmate methodology of teaching language. We have handpicked trainers who have in depth experience of teaching English and can handle students across age groups. Friendliness, approachability and patience are characteristics embodied by our trainers. They spend time in understanding your needs right at the onset of the course and offer a learning path which is best suited to you.

2. Speak Right with Technology Aided Learning

Our learning platform will provide you access to globally acclaimed Cambridge University content. Our unique software will help you learn anytime, anywhere. This interactive technology will help you work on your pronunciation related challenges apart from allowing you to record and review your spoken English practice. The global platform which includes a vast range of videos, conversational exercises and practical sessions, can be accessed from anywhere – Englishmate Centers, your home or office using any device – laptop, tablets or mobile devices. To further facilitate the experience in the class room a personal laptop and headphone will be assigned to you in the Englishmate classroom. 

3. Focus on Communication – Speak More

We focus on helping you speak correct English in daily life situations. Correct pronunciation, vocabulary enhancement, awareness of commonly used idioms/phrases, identification of commonly made grammar mistakes; are some areas which we will focus on and you will continuously practice at Englishmate. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. English will become a habit.

4. Fun and Interactive Learning

Every concept is learnt and experienced with the help of fun activities and games. You will participate in role plays, games, exercises, and mock runs which will help you apply what you have learnt. You will stay motivated with varied, lively approaches to English used in real life situations.

5. Content from Cambridge University Press

At Englishmate, you will study through specially prepared course books and supplementary material designed by Cambridge University for English Language Training. The content is designed keeping in mind all age groups and varied learning styles. Apart from getting printed books, students will also have access to the online Cambridge University content for a full 12 months, through which they can practice all the skills taught in the classroom and further improve their English even after completeing the classroom course.

6. Continuous feedback on improvement

At Englishmate, your mistakes are your learning moments. Regular tests help us to accurately track your progress and focus on areas which need extra practice. We have an unlimited repository of assignments and activities carefully crafted to promote language learning. Should you need more time, we will also provide you with extra hours to help you reach the desired level.

7. Group Learning

You will get to practice everything, with other students in your batch. Small batches of 10-12 students will ensure that you get the required focus. We also offer customized batches where you can learn and practice English with a teacher one-on-one or in smaller groups of 2-3.

8. State of the art learning environment

Equipped with high speed internet, laptops, and projector screens, the centers are designed to provide a social habitat which is conducive to learning language. We have laptops available at our centers for you to practice even during non-class hours. With 18 centers across Delhi NCR, you are bound to find one close to your home or office.


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