Participation in school competitions was only a dream for me. I hesitated because of low proficiency in English language. I decided to change this and joined Englishmate. Here, I got opportunities to practice and learn the language. I am now more expressive and have even taken part in GDs and other competitions in the school.


Tanya Jakhar, Class XII student

I recently got shifted to sales department. This role demanded me to be presentable in front of clients and senior management. Englishmate gave me platform to improve my spoken English through regular practice and instant feedback/correction.


Ashwani Arora, Sales Manager American MNC


Very comfortable class environment. Excellent content provided by Cambridge University. One of the best places to improve your English language skills. Wonderful job by Hindustan Times. Englishmate is the best!!


Praveen Ahlawat, Naraina Vihar


In my opinion, Englishmate is very good institute for learning Spoken English. Our faculty gives us various opportunities to speak. That's why today I can speak English fluently. One of the most important reasons to like this institute is, here we are given different types of learning tasks like every class starts with vocab session and then group-discussion, debate, and many activities which are very useful to develop our skill and confidence. I must say this is the best spoken English institute in Delhi. Thank you Englishmate!


Ajij Ahmad, Naraina Vihar


HT EnglishMate provides us the platform where we can speak English freely and confidently. Here I can express my views freely and without hesitation. It's infrastructure is very good. Our teacher is very nice and helpful, and the most important thing is we are taught English using different methods. My class is very interesting and i gain a lot of knowledge.


Seema Shah, Naraina Vihar


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