I joined intermediate batch. At that time I was doing BCA, and I was one of those people who were very shy, introverted and had lack of confidence. My trainer was Mr. Sandeep Kumar. His way of teaching was such that, everytime he engaged everybody in conversation so that we could learn to speak fluently, and also he involved us in many activities like games, GDs, Presentations, Extempore, Interviews tips etc.


Ritika Kirar- Working with a leading MNC

Before joining the Englishmate, I was a person with knowledge of grammar but didn't know how to deliver it because of lack of huge confidence to speak before people & appropriate guidance but after joining the Englishmate. It provides you a very good environment to enhance your knowledge especially my EM teacher "Jaspal Marwah" sir helped me a lot. First of all, Thank you so much sir. With your all guidance now I have gained a huge confidence in me and now I've cleared my interview in three different USA recruitment company and now I have become a "Technical Recruiter".


Gaurav Jha, Technical Recruiter

Englishmate has added value in terms of learning English, helped me in better pronunciation, voice modulation during public speaking. I really would like to appreciate the efforts put by trainers to make their students learn.


Pramod Kumar, Senior Manager PSU Employee

Englishmate helped me in gaining my confidence and gave me opportunity to learn new things. It helped me in clearing basic grammatical errors. I improved my speaking, reading & listening skills.


Kajal Kumari, College Student

I was struggling to convert job interviews due to lack of communication skills. I found it difficult to converse in English without making any mistakes. My teacher at Englishmate helped me by giving additional inputs and ensured that I do not repeat same errors. After completing the course, I appeared for 3 bank interviews and successfully got through one.


Archana Jaiswal, Assistant Manager HDFC Bank


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