. How is Englishmate better than Home Tuition?

Any language can be learnt when you hear and speak words/sentences/phrases in that language on a regular basis. Often, this is not the case when we are learning a foreign language. English is a second language for us and hence requires us to be in an environment where we listen to and speak in English. If your home offers this environment, then English can be learnt at home through self-help books or a tutor. However, the confidence to speak in a group only comes when you practice speaking in a group on a continuous basis. Unlike an academic exam, the real test of your spoken English skills will not happen in a classroom. For you to succeed, you must speak fluently and more importantly with confidence at any situation and amongst any number of people.

. Will Englishmate provide back up for classes I miss?

We do not encourage being absent from classes frequently. Regular practice is the key to mastering any language. However, should you happen to miss up to 2 classes, we will bring you at par with the course by providing extra sessions. However, we will not be able to bridge the gap in case more classes are skipped.

. Why don’t you have classes daily?

We expect the students to study daily – on alternate days with the group & the teachers and on other days at home using self-practice tools. Our programs have been designed after thorough research on the amount of time that is needed to be proficient in a level. Our aim is not to meet you daily but send you with improved levels of confidence and accuracy in English, after having met you, every time.

. How does Englishmate improve grooming etc?

We have sessions on Personality development, Image management, Dining etiquette, Telephone etiquette, Correct form of Handshake etc., which are taken by topic experts. You can enrol for these services by paying a marginal amount.

. What if I am not comfortable studying in a group?

We have options of customized classes which happen on a one on one basis. These classes are normally 1 hour duration over 4-5 days a week. However, we will also make you practice speaking with a group as part of this offering.


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