. How do I know which course is best for me?

Every student interacts with a teacher, before enrolling at our center. The teacher analyzes strengths and areas of improvement of the student and recommends the course that’s best suited for the student.

. Will I be able to improve my confidence through the courses at Englishmate?

A big YES! The courses are specially designed for people who are seeking to boost their confidence. Few reasons that lower anyone’s confidence are stage fear, anxious to address among crowd, inferiority complex, poor self-esteem, etc. Considering this, the courses at Englishmate put a huge focus on building spoken English skills of students by way of regular practice.

. Will I be able to speak fluently after the completion of my course?

We equip you with the required skill set and vocabulary so that you can communicate on wide range of topics. The classroom activities coupled with your consistent efforts will certainly help you in gaining fluency and presenting your views effectively.

. My grammar is weak, does it need to be perfect to gain fluency in English?

There's no "have to", but you probably won't be able to progress beyond reasonable proficiency without it. When you begin to learn English, speaking and building up your vocabulary is more important than worrying about correct grammar. However, as you progress you will need to incorporate more grammar into your learning program.

. How long will it take me to learn English?

It depends on a variety of factors. For instance; your motivation, the level of English you wish to acquire, effective teaching and educational materials influence the length of time it takes to learn English.


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