. What is the teaching methodology followed at Englishmate?

1. It is a blended learning methodology – F2F supported by digital content
2. Web-based content and assessment module is used as teacher tool in class
3. It is completely different from self-learning web-based content module
4. A typical 2-hour class will have 30-min of lesson review in class with help of instructor; next 30 minutes is spent on review of relevant grammar for the lesson and last 60 minutes are spent on speaking activities (Role plays, Group discussion, Extempore, Debates, Conversational practices) and facilitated by instructor.
5. A 100-hour session will cover 18 units of online training module which consists of 72 lessons.

. What is ASR ?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is an interactive technology that we use, to help you improve your pronunciation. You will hear the correct way of pronouncing words first and then speak into the mike of the headphone. The software will record your voice and instantly tell you the words that you pronounced incorrectly. You can continue to practice through the ASR exercises till you master the correct pronunciation. You can access them from anywhere through a desktop / Laptop!

. Will the accent in the ASR be American or UK or Indian?

Our entire platform is based on American accent. However, the trainers are well versed with British accent as well and will be able to solve any of your queries on any accent

. Will we get a laptop at the center to study?

Yes, laptops & headphones are available at our center. You can also log on to the platform from your personal device from home.

. Can we practice our lessons from home?

You can access to the platform at home, office or from any place where you have internet connection. There is 1500 hours of content in the course which must be used extensively by you, for better & faster learning.


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