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Who Vs Whom

A lot of speakers get confused when it comes to using who and whom, here’s the logic:


Who, an interrogative pronoun, refers to -what or which person or people and is used in place of the subject of a question

  • Who is in the team?
  • Who did this?

It is used to question a person’s character or authority.

Who is used in statements as well, in place of the subject of a clause.

  • Sameer is the one who wants to play.
  • Anyone who knows the motive should be able to help us.


‘Whom’ is also an interrogative pronoun, however, it is used in place of the object of a question- more so, in formal writing or speech.

  • Whom is this story about?
  • With whom are you going to the party?
  • Whom did they call?

Whom is used as object of a verb or a preceding preposition

  • to know for whom his heart beats.


It is also sometimes used as the object of a following preposition

  • the woman whom you wrote to.


And whom can also be used in statements, in place of the object of a clause.

  • This is the girl whom I was talking about.
  • Mani is the man whom we met at dinner last week.


Whom is always the correct choice after a preposition.

  • The students, some of whom are graduating this year, failed the test.
  • Jaspreet is the girl with whom I’m going to Nagaland.

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Misspelled words

Commonly Misspelled Words

In general writing, words get frequently misspelled, such as the incorrect spelling “concensus” for “consensus”, ‘attendence’ instead of ‘attendance” or “”independant” instead of “independent”, “readible” for readable, or “useable” instead of “usable”.

 Try to remember spellings with your own mnemonics, like:

  1. The new environmentwill iron someone out.
  2. There is definately no ‘a’ in ‘definitely’
  3. There is a ‘rat’ in ‘separately’.
  4. Miss Pellnever misspells.
  5. An islandis land surrounded by water.


Few commonly misspelled words are as follows:

Incorrect Correct
Grammer Grammar
Abanden Abandon
Maintnance Maintenance
Busness Business
Butiful Beautiful
Resustate Resuscitate
Cabnet Cabinet
Catchup Ketchup
Cacoon Cocoon
Caese Cease
Caf Calf
Febrary February
Graetful Grateful
Cafay Café
Calfs Calves
Camoflage Camouflage
Government Government
Recurrance Recurrence
Abscound Abscond
Absorbant Absorbent
Absorbtion Absorption
Abstanence Abstinence
Abundence Abundance
Abudent Abudant

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