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EnglishMate is one of the most sought after English speaking institutes and aims at helping you improve your communication skills and become a confident and smarter individual.

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What is ASR ?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is an interactive technology that we use, to help you improve your pronunciation. You will hear the correct way of pronouncing words first and then speak into the mike of the headphone. The software will record your voice and instantly tell you the words that you pronounced incorrectly. You can continue to practice through the ASR exercises till you master the correct pronunciation. You can access them from anywhere…

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I joined Englishmate a month ago as my husband challenged me to learn English. He wanted me to speak English with the foreigners. So, it was a big challenge for me to learn English. After, joining Englishmate i found myself getting more confident with my speaking skills. My hesitation has almost disappeared. Englishmate provides a good foundation for learning. The faculty is always there to help me clear my doubts and concepts.

Poonam Khurana, Rohini

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